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wow tcg stormwind varian logosh sylvanas 1
World of Warcraft Might Let Players Dress Up Like Iconic Characters Soon

World of Warcraft players discover models for outfits used by several iconic characters in the game's history that could become available eventually.

psychic-spectacular-2023-pokemon go solosis 1
Pokemon GO: Can Solosis be Shiny?

Solosis is featured heavily in the 2023 version of Pokemon GO's Psychic Spectacular event.

Dead Space official cover artwork focus edit 1
Dead Space Co-Creator is Leaving the Company He Founded

The co-creator of Dead Space is leaving the company he founded after four years, following an underwhelming launch of the studio's first game.

My Happy Marriage E11 Miyo Usuba 1
My Happy Marriage: Selfish Love

Every character in this series chose the selfish path, all in the name of love

torchwood-captain-jack 1
Doctor Who: The History Of Torchwood, Explained

The secret organization that defends the Earth from alien threats has humble origins and a chaotic path through time.

Razer Kraken V3 X Headset Review Thumb 1
Razer Kraken V3 X Headset Review

The Razer Kraken V3 X combines a comfortable design, decent audio quality, and excellent microphone clarity for an incredibly affordable price.

dbd (1)-15 1
Demon’s Souls’ Remake Still Has a Lesson to Teach Aspiring Soulslikes

Soulslikes all take a piece from one another, yet Demon's Souls' remake has yet to have one great feature iterated upon in a Soulslike since.

Baylan Skoll played by Ray Stevenson from Star Wars: Ahsoka with Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels and Rey Skywalker played by Daisy Ridley in Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker 1
Ahsoka's Baylan Skoll Just Introduced A Whole New Outlook For Jedi

Star Wars: Ahsoka's Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson) may have changed the entire path of the Jedi Order, both past and future, with a single word.

starfield-ship-3 1
Starfield Player Builds Incredible Space Truck

One Starfield player takes cargo hauling to an entirely new level with an unbelievably large ship designed to look just like an actual truck.

Games with Unconventional Protagonists 1
7 Games with Unconventional Protagonists

Some games feature strange, wacky, or otherwise unconventional protagonists. Here are some great examples.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Haunted Mansion Before Christmas look 1
Disney Dreamlight 极速168开奖赛车结果

Gameloft addresses one critical Haunted Mansion issue in Disney Dreamlight Valley with a band-aid solution in preparation for a real fix.

suicide squad kill the justice league batman 1
One of Arkham Asylum’s Best Features Can’t Be Denied in Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad

The Arkhamverse's villains are much more prominent and exceptional than the heroes who pursue them, and Rocksteady can't lose sight of that.

wow df dynamic flying trailer 1
New World of Warcraft Events Might Hint at Expansion Release Date

Some recently-scheduled events in World of Warcraft may hint at when players can expect the expansion after Dragonflight to release.

Pokemon-Go-Adventures-abound-1 1
Pokemon GO: Psychic Spectacular Timed Research Tasks and Rewards (2023)

The 2023 Psychic Spectacular in Pokemon GO has begun. Here are all the tasks players can complete and rewards they can earn.

Evan Peters in season 7 of American Horror Story 1
American Horror Story Season 7 Ending, Explained

American Horror Story season 7 focuses on a cult that forms after the 2016 Presidential election and has a captivating ending.

starfield outpost customization options 1
Starfield Outposts Are Missing an Important Hygiene Feature

Despite Starfield's Outpost feature having a robust suite of customizations to choose from, there's one glaring hygiene-related omission.

Total War: Pharaoh leader Ramesses 1
Total War: Pharaoh's Leaders Explained

So far, Creative Assembly has already revealed quite a bit about about the eight playable leaders in the upcoming Total War: Pharaoh.

burn-the-witch-prologue-anime-featured 1
Burn The Witch Is Back (Kinda)

It's been ages since Bleach fans learned anything new about Burn The Witch, but a new anime project could mean even more to come.

Star Wars Ahsoka Baby Yoda 1
Star Wars: Ahsoka Might Just Have Found Its Own Baby Yoda

Star Wars: Ahsoka episode 6 found time to give viewers something cute to fawn over that might replace Baby Yoda as a new fan favorite.

george rr martin white walker sword icicle 1
George R.R. Martin is Suing OpenAI

An army of writers, including George R. R. Martin, open a class action lawsuit against OpenAI on the grounds of copyright infringement.

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